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A warm welcome to Clipfine Corporate Services

Clipfine Holdings ensures managed fortification to construction projects from one source filtered through our 4 Divisions:

  • Clipfine Limited – Logistics
  • Clipfine Security – Security
  • Clipfine Construction – Fit Out
  • Clipfine Facilities Maintenance – Corporate Service

Clipfine Corporate Services offers an expansive variety of integrated services which will slim costs and cultivate efficiency.

The management and sustenance of a workplace can challenge any organisation. The complication of intricate essential services through multiple firms can be eliminated in the seamless adoption of our sleekly diverse skillset.

Our centralised Customer Service team ensures the highest level of customer care is imbedded in communication and supplied with instant support.

We offer our clients a single source solution for:

CONSOLIDATION – our consolidation centre facility services just-in-time deliveries, consolidated loads and reverse logistics to name but a few.

CLEANING – our division dedicated to rigorous cleansing not only maintains the presentation of your facilities but also provides pragmatic solutions to the Covid-19 boundaries for business.

SECURITY – the tailors of your bespoke security strategy in your facilities, our team ensures a safe environment for your operations through a merged application of technology and personnel.

Our philosophy is pinned on encompassing service excellence:

  • Evolving our application of technology in the pursuit of sustainability and productivity.
  • Symbiotic communication with clients to understand their aspirations.
  • Pursuing perpetual improvements in the welfare, education and environment for our thriving teams.

Our Services

We work with our clients to provide a comprehensive service, helping them identify their goals and then working with them to create a plan to achieve them.

Corporate Security

Our security operations centre on the professionalism of our personnel.  We ensure the selection, development and retention of security professionals dedicated to meticulous care with personable approaches.

Corporate Cleaning

Our Facilities service has cultivated a reputation as the quality cleaning specialist department. We meet all welfare needs from local cleaning to services throughout Greater London.

Consolidation Centre

We own and operates a Consolidation Centre in Borehamwood, providing a fully integrated warehousing and distribution service with a dedicated operational help-desk and customer services.

Construction Logistics

We facilitate construction projects by organising the source of labour, materials and  supplies to ensure sites are operating seamlessly.

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