Clipfine at Elephant Park

In many instances the first person a member of the public, visitor or new team member meets at Elephant Park is someone from Clipfine, whether that be a Security Guard at the gate or a traffic marshal at one of the interfaces with a public road. The importance of what Clipfine do in these instances and in many others such as the delivery booking in system, delivery checks, and more cannot be overstated.

Many positive comments have been received over recent months regarding the excellent vehicle management, politeness, friendliness and importantly the control in their work showed by the teams and individuals involved. It is with roles like these, that when done well, contributes significantly to the project running smoothly and safely. When these controls break down, the opposite can happen very quickly, particularly on a multi phase project.

In addition, as a key interface with many of the workforce from multiple contractors, the up-skilling of hoist drivers has been taking place, these key individuals will receive additional training for dealing with people and also receive new uniforms.

Workforce consultation sessions as a single contractor have been carried out which provided honest and open feedback in a comfortable environment to voice opinion and safety reviews carried out with Clipfine have had positive results and findings.

Well done to Clipfine on their continued high level of performance and for helping to make Elephant Park a safe and controlled environment for those who work here, and the surrounding community.

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