London Legacy Development Corporation & Mace Group Stratford Waterfront

Last month, the ‪Mace‬ ‪Group‬ Stratford Waterfront team helped refurbish the ‪Dockland Settlements community garden at the Carpenters and Dockland Centre in ‪Newham‬ ‪London‬ with support from colleagues at ‪Clipfine‬ and ‪Graham ‪Civils.

‬The Dockland Settlements charity aims to provide support to local communities who live close to our centres. Our focus is on working in Newham, Southwark and Tower Hamlets and providing sporting, social, recreational and educational activities Carpenters and Dockland Centre Stratford opened in June 1972.

Located a short walk from the Stratford Waterfont project in the Olympic Park, Carpenters and Dockland Centre is a youth, community and social centre providing valuable services to a wide range of residents in the local community. Its facilities include a sports hall, judo training room and meeting rooms.

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