Innovation & Coverage

The pursuit of innovation at Clipfine has enabled us to develop our processes to benefit our clients

Clipfine believes that innovation can evolve from the basics of product management to bespoke ordering systems that harmonise the processes and offer unseen cost benefits to the client.

Clipfine will deliver innovative, time saving and cost-effective solutions to each individual client that are situation specific and best help hone their projects.

Our stance on innovating through technology has propelled our application of User Interface with its easily accessible and understandable elements that facilitate smoothing of the processes required by each client.

Enhancing our knowledge of our building occupiers through communication and technology means we can evolve our understanding of their preferences to help project completion with maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

Our web-based system has been innovated to place our clients in control of their buildings and suppliers that supports ideal transparency in the creation and maintenance of their projects.


Our geographical breadth across London is strengthened and well positioned. Clipfine’s HQ is based in Holborn, London and functions alongside a strategically placed Regional Distribution Centre in Borehamwood to deliver our comprehensive range of managed services across Greater London.

Our ever-growing vehicle fleet enhances this spatial strength across the entirety of London so we can support all business sectors whether growing or established.