Social and Environmental Policies

Our conscious understanding of the social and environmental impact of our activities has moulded our responsible and proactive manner.

Since 1975, our privately-run family business has attained an extensive portfolio of successful projects that bear testament to our expertise.

We offer safe, efficient, sustainable schemes to deliver; every time.

Clipfine policies are available to our valued customers on request and can be view below.

We continue to develop and implement comprehensive and effective policies aimed at delivering esteemed results and practice in the following 5 key areas:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: reducing our environmental impact by developing progressive policies building for the future of our clients, our environment and us.
  2. Corporate Commitment: we generate strategic partnerships to connect with our clients, our suppliers and our community.
  3. Employee Commitment: we are dedicated to developing the best working practices and premium environment for our workplace, achieving compliance with relevant legislation.
  4. Responsible Project Management: we strictly adhere to Health and Safety requirements and procedures to protect the wellbeing of our operatives, clients and members of the public.
  5. Clarity in Communication: our perseverance to provide the best services to our clients drives our operation of Clipfine in an honest and transparent manner both internally with employees and externally with clients.