22 Bishopsgate

Ensuring London’s new eye candy at 22 Bishopsgate is supplied safely and organised efficiently from our Consolidation Centre.

Contract start date:

October 2019

Contract completion date:

October 2023

22 Bishopsgate is owned by AXA Real Estate.

The project involves a 278m high tower with 62 storeys, offering 1.275 million square feet of flexible workspace.

The project is ongoing as a flagship addition to the City’s skyline. Clipfine Facilities Maintenance division is the appointed delivery management.

Our independent Consolidation Centre supplies the development process in a secure manner with 24-hour package coverage, ensuring peace of mind on the reliable safety of arriving deliveries.

Our Consolidation Centre uses:

  • Stock management system – scanning and tagging all assets and packages to organise deliveries for TwentyTwo.
  • Delivery management system – our fleet of electric vehicles deliver based on allocated dates and times whilst progress is tracked by GPS.

Our service avoids organisational confusion by regulating site arrivals into the least deliveries possible.

This minimises time wastage accepting deliveries alongside reduced congestion and environmental damage, helping fulfil Policy 5.3 of London’s climate change response.

Our technological security has enabled sophisticated external project protection. CCTV and perimeter protection stop any risk to the project’s supply source, whilst our use of screening and X-ray techniques certifies safety for packages.

Internal cameras protect our Consolidation Centre from tampering and allows the tracking of individuals and incidents that may be possible risks.

22 Bishopsgate’s construction has been underpinned by the organisational management orchestrating the process. Our deliveries match the stated schedule smoothly and ensure no unnecessary logistical delays are enforced.

Clipfine has been appointed as responsible for the safe movement of people and vehicles on and off the development, screening human and package threats to ensure safe arrivals.

The City of London is not only rapidly developing as the forefront of financial progress globally and home to iconic landmarks including TwentyTwo, but it is also setting the standard environmentally.

The critical importance of sustainability means our management proficiency and electric vehicles are implemented to reduce pollution.

Our elimination of unnecessary excess journeys has helped reduce congestion and vehicle fumes, reducing the environmental impact of the project and streamlining site progress itself.