Battersea Power Station

London’s Battersea Power Station is being transformed into a diverse development space centered around the famous landmark itself.

Contract start date:

June 2014

Contract completion date:

June 2022

Battersea Power Station is owned by Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC).

The project involves 42-acres of land with over 1,000 residents, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and leisure facilities opening as Phase 1 in 2017. Since opening over 7 million people have visited the Phase 1 site of Circus West Village.

The project is ongoing, currently possessing three live construction phases with over 4000 workers on site each day.

Clipfine Security was appointed as the security solution provider for the Battersea Power Station development.

We were invited to create a solution that consisted of the provision of over 20 security professionals, covering a 24-hour period of both day and night shifts. Our initial security and delivery management contract in June 2014 for an initial 3-year service provision was extended to the current operation of a one year rolling contract based on the merit of our security performance.

Throughout the contract term we have introduced more CCTV with elements of electronic detection, employing a combination of sophisticated techniques to secure the entire premises throughout the construction of the site using both technological and personnel resources.

 The ever-changing nature of the project’s development means our pragmatic approach to security has been necessary in adapting to new circumstances. In addition, there are a number of internal cameras to protect the internal areas of the site and to allow tracking of individuals and incidents, as required, and also to enable specific areas to be viewed.

Clipfine’s ability to remain flexible and fluid throughout the process has been vital.

These cameras have been invaluable on a number of occasions, securing the premises and offering our client and workers alike peace of mind.

The backbone of Battersea Power Station’s protection has been Clipfine’s in-house central operations centre managing the camera network and helping to direct responses on site.

As Clipfine has been appointed as the Principal Contractor of the Client areas and are responsible for the safe movement of people and vehicles on and off the development, our use of camera technology has helped the achievement of the following responsibilities:

  • Management Function: responsible for the development, planning, approval, communication, management and oversight of the approved logistic & security plans.
  • Operations Function: required to implement the agreed process and controls across the development.

Battersea is not only rapidly developing, but is also home to one of London’s most iconic landmarks and as security professionals in today’s uncertain environment, we know that security is of critical importance both to the business community and to society at large.

The threat from terrorism to the UK remains real. An attack could take place at any time and any organisation could be directly or indirectly affected.

Clipfine Security has planned counter measures to follow a possible major incident or civil unrest.

Following specific intelligence received from the emergency services all pre agreed protective security measures are clearly notified to those staff who are responsible for ensuring compliance.

Being prepared and ready for all manners of events is vital. Our team were given regular training to help premeditate any new possible threats. Terrorism Awareness and Conflict Management and Resolution topics ensured our team had the best skillset available to combat any possibilities that may have interfered with the project without our rigorous protection.