Stratford Waterfront

“A transformation of East Bank so great it will shift east… London’s cultural centre of gravity”

Contract start date:

June 2019

Contract completion date:

August 2022

The project involves 100,000m² of land with over 600 new homes and a 27-storey tower alongside a new V&A Museum and Sadler’s Wells theatre set to revive the cultural hotbed of the 1950s when opened in 2022.

The project will also attract over 10,000 students and workers through job opportunities and educational premises like the London College of Fashion.

The project is ongoing, currently possessing four live construction sites that will form the focal point of the new cultural zone. Clipfine Facilities was appointed as the cleaning solution provider for the Stratford Waterfront development.

We created a cleaning solution consisting of over 26 cleaning professionals, covering a daily16-hour period of both day and night shifts.

We have adapted from construction cleaning into canteen, office and facility welfare as areas become completed and operational.

The ever-changing nature of the project’s development as well as the Covid-19 pandemic has required our pragmatism, increasing our role into ensuring risk of contamination is limited and the facilities are not compromised.

Clipfine Facilities has planned and is executing necessary additional measures to ensure safety at the premises. To protect the site from infection we have implemented new cleaning techniques, such as adopting deep cleaning and fogging.

Fogging covers surfaces in a substance layer that would reduce the survival of pathogenic substances and thereby reduce the threat of infection in the premises. We began on 29th May 2020, beginning a monthly schedule alongside any Covid-19 incident requirements.

Our rigour has proved invaluable in maintaining hygienic and clean premises for operations to continue at Stratford Waterfront with the current restrictions. 

Our responsibility to maintain the clean premises is heightened in requirements and rigour to maintain the desired appearance by:

  • High traffic to and from the development
  • High footfall to popular areas around active sites
  • Overlap between construction and commercial sites

The foundation of Battersea Power Station’s protection has been Clipfine’s certification of its workers’ health.

Our Fever Screening Thermographic Cameras reveal possible symptoms in workers, refusing entry to any persons exceeding 37.8℃ so our cleaning is not undermined by human contamination.

As the Principal Cleaner, we are responsible for the safe environment for workers on the development. Our sophisticated combination of technological and manned techniques has achieved peace of mind for our client and its workers alike.

Our clear and detailed instructions for our cleaning teams ensures the process itself is thorough. Our preparation for the process also achieves further maintenance of the clean environment through:

  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Use of all necessary PPE
  • One-way mapping to ensure social distancing

The threat from Covid-19 to the UK remains real with the possible threat of infection persisting. As such, our attention to detail and discipline in cleaning are necessary requirements for protection.

The scale and diversity of the project and the evolution of unexpected conditions would initially appear a challenge, yet Clipfine’s professionals have ensured quality cleaning for the entire site.