Consolidation Centre

Clipfine owns and operates a Consolidation Centre in Borehamwood to accentuate our service provision.

This enables our provision of a fully integrated warehousing and distribution service with its own dedicated operational help-desk and customer services.

This provides tailor made solutions including:

  • Storage, dispatch and return
  • Order picking
  • Temperature & humidity-controlled space
  • Security screening
  • Cross docking
  • Mock ups
  • Off-site fabrication

State of the Art Facilities

Our advanced IT systems allows orders to be monitored and tracked from order to delivery. These operations are based in our state-of-the-art facility located just 15 miles from Central London and 1 mile from the M25 and A1.

Our Consolidation Centre has constant 24/7, 365 days a year security to provide protection and added peace of mind.

Our open and transparent pricing methods are easy to comprehend and designed for our clients to understand the services they are provided.

Clipfine’s business objectives are based completely around servicing our client’s needs. Our Consolidation Centre develops our flexibility in achieving our aim through after-hours deliveries and adaptable stock management solutions.

A Dedicated Delivery Fleet

The application of our own delivery fleet creates adaptable delivery processes with variable vehicle sizes, timings, tracking and reverse logistics.

The purpose of our Consolidation Centre is to improve operations by providing off site logistics support that advance control and coordination over delivery and stock management.

By purifying the process of operations through Clipfine’s beginning to end in-house solution, we are able to reduce your costs and boost your efficiency.

Our leading position in sustainable delivery management means our clients can overcome increasing City of London and TFL congestion requirements. Our collated deliveries compile orders to site, minimising the number of journeys to our clients’ premises whilst ensuring secure and reliable protection. This helps our clients to fulfil Policy 5.3 of London’s climate change response.