Corporate Security

Clipfine’s security operations centre around the professionalism of our personnel and our close client partnerships

Our innovative security solutions protect people and safeguard buildings and assets.

Through our extended network of industry service partners and alongside our in house and external training programs, we can meet and deliver any security requirement.

The services we offer include:

Each service is tailored to our clients requirements and an open and honest relationship from day one is key to building a professional partnership.

Our Security staff are trained to the highest standards to ensure our team on the ground have the same knowledge and understanding of each contract and its requirements.  

Our constant communication and pre-emptive measures combine to equip our clients with the knowledge necessary to react to situations and improve risk management to combat hazards before they become threats.

Security Systems

Trailblazing technology is pioneering our pragmatism in the deployment of our security. This is helping evolve our Covid-19 procedures and ensuring thorough protection of our clients’ operations.

  • Biometric Access Control
  • CCTV including Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Diester Patrol Monitoring
  • Delivery Management

Consulting Services

Our communication and pre-emptive measures combine to equip our clients with the knowledge necessary to react to situations and improve risk management to combat hazards before they become threats.

We do this through means of:

  • Security Risk Management Consulting
  • Investigations
  • Threat & Violence Risk Management
  • Asset Protection & Disaster/Emergency Response
  • Specialised Security and Business Continuity Planning

Our customer relationships and understanding of the UK market has developed over four decades. Based in London, our operation employs more than 200+ security professionals with diverse expertise and backgrounds that enable us to provide our clients with the ideal security team for their needs.

Our achievement as one of the first uniformed security companies to receive ISO 9001:2015 & 14001 certification for quality management reflects our central assurance of quality in our provision of security.

As an NSI Gold approved company you have the peace of mind that our standardised services will guarantee secure processes for your operations. Also, as an SIA Approved Contractor, we are part of a reputable scheme marking our quality as suppliers of private security services and our focus on customer service and upholding the high standards we have achieved in our Security Division.

Security Personnel

Our stringent hiring process extends from a detailed vetting process with full background and DBS checks through to diligent in-house training held to SIA standards to ensure our experienced security guards are the best in London due to their full qualification and high levels of training.

Our professionals:

  • CRB checked, screened and vetted
  • First Aid at Work & CSCS Certified
  • Trained to SIA standards
  • Insured
  • Polite and reliable with a personable approach.

Our constant contact with security guards ensures client expectations are satisfied. This, combined with our Human Resources department regularly inspecting our guards and an Operations division conducting checks, creates a closely efficient team with quality assurance.

Alongside their SIA licence, we ensure our security personnel can adapt to both threatening situations and also a diversity of business cultures in order to achieve quick solutions with minimal disruption and a smart presentability.

We know the importance of having an approachable and personable guard, particularly when working with vulnerable groups of people, including children. We tailor the security officer to the job, ensuring our clients have a cohesive and smooth security service. Our range of 140 security officers to select from enables the most suitable personnel are applied to your facilities.

Our personnel are fully trained to perform:

  • Reception duties (including employee and visitor screening)
  • Customer services
  • Package screening (x-ray scans)
  • Maintaining visitors and suppliers’ log
  • Manned guarding
  • Threat and Risk Management
  • Entry and access control
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Parking management and enforcement
  • Inner and outer perimeter patrols
  • Conducting fire alarm and evacuation tests
  • Emergency response and management
  • Postal and delivery management
  • Search procedures – human, bag, vehicle, etc.
  • Telephone duties
  • Incident reporting
  • First Aid